Los Angeles benefits from a strong and constant flux of tourists all over the year. They come to see Hollywood and they might have in mind the old classic movies, the peplums, the big production studios. The tours offered to the tourists focus mainly on the studios and the stars system while all other different aspects of real life in Los Angeles are not shown.

The S.A.B. Center, making business as RELIGIOUS MAP, will show the multi-cultural kaleidoscope of the city in reference to historical religious buildings and places in the world. With a book of podcasts in 50 episodes, Religious Map will show the diversity of Los Angeles, the many cultures, their architecture and how religious architecture gathers the communities. Religious Map makes a parallel between places in World history with places in Los Angeles such as theaters, restaurants, galleries, exhibits, museums where people, Angelenos and tourists, can perceive the global history through the local architecture of Los Angeles. Religious Map will document the podcasts with photographs, videos, and lectures picked from our rich bibliography.


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