[RMPRESS] is the brandmark for all S.A.B. Center’s publications and printed documents.

RM stand for Religious Map and Press for printing, everything tangible.

[RMPRESS] prints photographies, books, booklets, maps, drawings, art printings, everything that involves a logistic with the other departments.

[RMPRESS] also prepares all documents for publication such reading, proof reading, correcting, editing, adding illustrations, formatting with edition softwares, communicating with printing companies, placing orders, receiving orders and distributing.

A board is dedicated to all essential tasks of [RMPRESS], managing volunteers, managing stocks, managing expenses and budgets.


In 2017, Sandrine GERMAIN, the CEO of the S.A.B. Center, started blogging about religion and more specifically about the mosaics of San Vitale in Ravenne and Empress Theodora. Her fascination for Theodora and the way famous women, actresses, politicians, incarnated Empress Theodora brought even more fascination to the role of women in religion. When it was time to compose her ideas into a web project, Religious Map was born and when it was time to find a logo for her press card, [RMPRESS] became a signature, a brandmark, something she would want a woman journalist or a photographer to identify with. To be, somewhat, a kind of Theodora. She added the tree to the logo to show this inheritance and symbolise the very nature of paper, this transmission, this continuity.

[RMPRESS] has become a natural evidence that it would be the S.A.B. Center’s publisher, because the motivations, the commitment, the tenacity to commence a book and to finish it has always be the program. [RMPRESS] is a marathon kind of publisher, to manage projects on the long time.

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