Publications Department

[RMPRESS] stands for Research and Media Press, embodying the core functions of this vital department within the SAB Center.

  • R: Research
    • The “R” underscores our commitment to rigorous and insightful research. This division of [RMPRESS] is dedicated to in-depth investigations, studies, and audits conducted by the SAB Center. It delves into the heart of our mission, providing a foundation of knowledge for informed decision-making.
  • M: Media
    • The “M” highlights the media-centric aspect of our publications. In a world inundated with information, [RMPRESS] ensures that our findings are not only rigorously researched but also effectively communicated. This involves a range of media, from traditional prints to digital formats, contributing to our educational and outreach initiatives.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Research Publications:
    • Publish in-depth research studies, investigations, and audits that form the basis of the SAB Center’s activities.
    • Ensure the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and relevance in all published research materials.
  2. Media Productions:
    • Create and manage a diverse range of media, including print publications, e-books, and digital content.
    • Develop visually engaging materials that effectively convey complex research findings to a broad audience.
  3. Press Relations:
    • Foster relationships with press entities to amplify the reach of our publications.
    • Coordinate press releases and media events to share significant research milestones.
  4. Educational Outreach:
    • Collaborate with other SAB Center departments to integrate research findings into educational programs.
    • Develop materials that facilitate learning and awareness about social responsibility, architectural innovations, and sustainable practices.
  5. Archives and Documentation:
    • Maintain a comprehensive archive of all [RMPRESS] publications, ensuring easy access for researchers, professionals, and the public.
    • Document the evolution of the SAB Center’s research initiatives through print and digital mediums.


[RMPRESS] envisions a future where the synergy between research excellence and effective media engagement catalyzes positive change. By publishing high-impact materials, we aim to influence the discourse surrounding social responsibility, architecture, and sustainable development.

Join us on this journey of discovery, communication, and transformation. [RMPRESS] – Where Research Meets the Power of the Press.