Invitation for ISO 26000 Evaluation: Promoting Social Responsibility in Urban Development

The SAB Center is extending an open invitation to cities, architects, and developers to submit their projects for evaluation against ISO 26000 social responsibility standards. Committed to fostering sustainable and socially responsible urban development, we believe in recognizing and promoting initiatives that prioritize the well-being of communities, the environment, and economic stakeholders.

Our evaluation process, guided by a set of valued criteria, aims to assess projects comprehensively, considering their impact on social, environmental, and economic dimensions. ISO 26000, a globally recognized standard for social responsibility, provides a robust framework for this evaluation, ensuring that projects align with principles of transparency, ethical behavior, and respect for stakeholders.

If you are a city, architect, or developer with a project that exemplifies a commitment to social responsibility, we invite you to engage with the SAB Center. Submit your project for evaluation, and let us shine a spotlight on your dedication to creating positive and sustainable urban spaces.

By participating in this initiative, you not only contribute to the advancement of socially responsible practices in urban development but also gain valuable insights and recognition for your commitment to building a better future.

To submit your project or inquire about the evaluation process, please contact us at (949) 891-2892‬. Together, let’s shape cities that prioritize the well-being of their inhabitants, embrace environmental sustainability, and uphold the principles of social responsibility outlined in ISO 26000.