Event Management Team Leader Profile: Shaping Experiences for Change

Role Overview: As the Event Management Team Leader at the SAB Center, you are the orchestrator of impactful gatherings that bring together diverse stakeholders for engaging discussions, fundraising, and collaborative initiatives. Your role is pivotal in creating memorable experiences that align with our mission and contribute to positive change.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Planning:
    • Develop a comprehensive strategy for online and in-person events aligned with the SAB Center’s objectives.
    • Identify key themes, topics, and speakers to ensure events resonate with our audience.
  2. Team Leadership:
    • Lead a dynamic team responsible for event planning, logistics, and execution.
    • Foster a collaborative and motivated environment, encouraging creativity and innovation.
  3. Online Meetings and Webinars:
    • Oversee the planning and execution of online events, including webinars, lectures, and live streams.
    • Coordinate with technical teams to ensure smooth virtual experiences for participants.
  4. In-Person Meetings and Galas:
    • Manage logistics for galas, exclusive presentations, and live stream dinners, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees.
    • Collaborate with external vendors and partners for venue arrangements, catering, and entertainment.
  5. Interviews and Conversations:
    • Organize and facilitate one-to-one and panel interviews, creating a platform for thought-provoking discussions.
    • Liaise with VIPs, scientists, and industry leaders to secure their participation in interviews.

Competencies and Qualifications:

  1. Event Management Expertise:
    • Proven experience in planning and executing both online and in-person events, preferably for non-profit organizations.
    • In-depth knowledge of event logistics, coordination, and best practices.
  2. Communication Skills:
    • Exceptional communication skills to engage with diverse stakeholders, including scientists, politicians, journalists, and industry professionals.
    • Ability to convey the mission and objectives of the SAB Center effectively.
  3. Leadership and Team Management:
    • Demonstrated leadership skills with experience in leading and motivating teams.
    • Ability to delegate tasks, set clear goals, and maintain a positive team dynamic.
  4. Problem-Solving:
    • Strong problem-solving skills to address challenges that may arise during event planning and execution.
    • Ability to think on your feet and make effective decisions under pressure.
  5. Networking and Relationship Building:
    • Proven ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, sponsors, and partners.
    • Comfortable engaging with high-profile individuals and industry leaders.

Passion for the Mission:

  • A deep commitment to the SAB Center’s mission of driving positive change in affordable housing, forestry, and sustainability.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

  • Willingness to adapt to evolving circumstances and emerging opportunities.
  • Flexibility to manage events during evenings and weekends as needed.

Your Impact:

  • Through your leadership, events at the SAB Center become powerful platforms for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and fundraising. Your ability to create immersive experiences contributes directly to our mission of shaping a sustainable and equitable future.