The Forest’s Economy: A Crucial Architectural Ally

At the S.A.B. Center, we recognize the profound role of the forest’s economy in shaping architectural projects. This holistic concept spans every facet, from land ownership and management to biodiversity preservation, species selection, harvesting, and the intricate processes of transforming wood into a final product. The journey involves sawmills, raw material conversion, logistical organization, climate change impact assessment, collaboration with pension funds and investors, and both local market engagement and global exports.

Within this intricate web, diverse roles emerge—forest owners, loggers, amenity horticulturists, forest rangers, wildland firefighters, foresters, conservation science specialists, environmental scientists, forestry consultants, biologists, silviculturists, and the workforce within sawmills—all contributing to the dynamic economy of the forest.

Our research and development program at the S.A.B. Center is dedicated to comprehending the multifaceted aspects of the forest’s economy. Our aim is to pinpoint the niche where we can effectively champion the use of American hardwoods. By leveraging the diverse elements of the forest’s economy, we seek to innovate affordable housing technologies and solutions, merging sustainability with architectural ingenuity.