The SAB Center stands as a forefront entity in addressing critical challenges related to fire risk, excessive summer heat, and energy loss from thermal bridges in building structures. Through innovative technologies and pioneering solutions, the SAB Center is actively contributing to building resilience and sustainability in the face of these concerns.

1. Fire Risk Mitigation:

  • The SAB Center has developed and implemented cutting-edge technologies that focus on enhancing fire resistance in building structures.
  • Ongoing research includes the construction of prototypes subjected to controlled fire tests, collaborating with fire departments to evaluate fire propagation through walls and thermal bridges.
  • These efforts are geared towards ensuring that housing structures not only meet but exceed safety standards, providing a secure environment for occupants.

2. Excessive Summer Heat Management:

  • The SAB Center employs innovative design and construction techniques to address the challenge of excessive summer heat.
  • Solutions include the strategic placement of green roofs and the utilization of insulation technologies to regulate interior temperatures effectively.
  • By integrating sustainable and energy-efficient measures, the SAB Center aims to create housing that remains comfortable and habitable even in the face of rising temperatures.

3. Thermal Bridge Reduction:

  • Thermal bridges, which contribute to energy loss in buildings, are a key focus of the SAB Center’s research and development program.
  • The three-layer structural wood technology, incorporating rockwool panels, has been designed to eliminate thermal bridges, ensuring optimal insulation.
  • The goal is to provide not only energy-efficient housing but also to contribute to a reduction in overall energy consumption and associated costs.

In summary, the SAB Center’s commitment to addressing fire risk, excessive summer heat, and energy loss from thermal bridges is evident through its holistic approach to research, development, and practical implementation of solutions. By pushing the boundaries of traditional construction methods, the SAB Center strives to create housing that not only meets contemporary safety and environmental standards but also sets new benchmarks for sustainable and resilient living.