You can support us by providing a 1-year subscription to Runaway, helping us develop scripts for our documentaries and actively contribute to fundraising efforts. Additionally, you can fund 1 year of internet service, enabling us to work more efficiently, extend our efforts, and alleviate any stress.

  • 1 year Runaway: $912.00
  • 1 year D-ID: $776 (with 45% limited time discount)
  • 1 year internet: $1080

By gifting us a 1-year subscription to Runaway, you empower us to craft compelling scripts and storyboards for our documentaries. This vital step not only clarifies our investigative goals but also serves as a means to fund on-field investigations. Runaway also facilitates the creation of short films that enhance our fundraising initiatives, enabling us to share our mission, investigation methodologies, and the impactful messages we aim to convey.

Consider supporting us by sponsoring a 1-year subscription to the Decohere application, enabling us to create impactful illustrations and images that enhance the effectiveness of our messages. Additionally, for our graphic designs and print-related materials, we rely on Canva. You have the opportunity to sponsor a 1-year subscription to Canva, contributing to the visual appeal and quality of our printed materials.

We deeply appreciate your sponsorship support, and to express our gratitude, we prominently feature sponsors on our website, in our flyers, documents, and PowerPoint presentations. Your logo and name will be showcased, acknowledging your valuable contribution to our initiatives. Additionally, we highlight sponsors during our interventions in schools, libraries, universities, public meetings, and events, ensuring your commitment is recognized across various platforms and engagements. Together, we make a visible impact on our shared goals.