The S.A.B. Center was created on March 9, 2020. Ten days later, on March 19, 2020, the Covid-19 shelter in place stopped all operations. The demonstration program was finalized in March 2020 to carry the S.A.B. Center’s mission and unfortunately, all operations were cancelled. We had raised a $7 million investment fund and this was cancelled too. Travels were banned, immigration services closed and only reopened on February 2023 in the category we had planned to resume the project.

We are now restarting all operations but we downgraded our desire to be directly involved in tacking high risks to acquire the land alone and to develop the land alone. We rather will partner with a developer and only carry the Research and Development program. We are sharing this document as a reference for our work and on going programs, bring more members to join us and participate in our mission.

Having 3 years to think about this project, not knowing if we would be able to continue, gave us some sense of priority. The only real important element we would never remove from this project is the Research and Development program. We had established a plan and we resume the plan. The second important element is the ISO 26000 label on social responsibility because this label is a tool for evaluating housing projects and we will continue to improve it. The third element consists in building prototypes because they are part of our studies. Prototypes are the reason from which we can approach companies, value their products, value their logistics and involve them into our programs. With the Research and Development program, we have the vital necessity to conduct interviews and investigations. This will continue also and rather than investigating our own processes, we are going to investigate others. We will also resume our trainings, but in partnership with contractors.

We are still willing to develop our own land and we are resuming our project with a headquarters program, somewhere we can work, have meetings, organize exhibits and shows. All other parts of the project such building housing and services will be managed with developers, architects, property owners and contractors.

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