“As we mark the 30th anniversary of the State of the Nation’s Housing series, this year’s report presents an opportunity to reflect on how housing market conditions in the United States have evolved over the decades. In addition to our usual look at current trends, the analysis examines how some of today’s conditions echo the past and are a yardstick for the
progress we as a nation have and have not made in fulfilling the promise of a decent, affordable home for all.”

This document released in 2018 by the joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University analyses the state of housing since the early 80s and reveals with graphs and maps the state of the nation. One very important notion here is “the promise” and how collectively we have failed in providing the tools to make housing affordable for all. We largely use this document as a reference for our research and would recommend it to understand the market and how we can still impact on the market.


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