The Cost of Living Among Wage Earners


This document released in 1919 shows how the cost of living has impacted the cost of housing and how a Real Estate Owners’ Association has influenced the cost of housing. By fixing the percentage of annual increase, the association of Real Estate Owners has created a profit that does not reflect any labor, any upgrade or any costs. The large increase in fact reflects a speculative projection that real estate owners have continued to develop as a source of investment and as a source of revenue for the profession of annuitant. This document shows how times have changed and how the evolution of the cost of life has created new behaviors among real estate owners that we continue to see nowadays under the leadership of organized associations whose business protects private investments. By keeping real estate private, the cost of life has an impact on the cost of housing where professional real estate would have come with different solutions to balance the economy. This document shows an important evolution of the concept of real estate during the early years of the industrial revolution.


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